Welcome to Rum Bridge Fisheries

Opening in spring 2019, Rum Bridge Fisheries comprises three mature, well-stocked ponds, each purpose-designed to meet the specific interests of coarse, match and carp anglers in and around Clare, in Suffolk.

Although the complex, formerly known as Miller Lakes and Clare Fisheries, has some angling ‘form’ – with The Top Lake enjoying popularity with the local match fishing fraternity – years of neglect have led to the venue becoming increasingly overgrown: the ponds choked with weed, and the surrounding woodland all but impenetrable.

So there’s work to be done; starting – in May 2018 – with the installation of a secure, otter-proof fence; to protect the new residents from the adjacent (sadly, otter-infested) River Stour; and to provide a safe, relaxing (hassle-free) environment, for anglers fishing longer sessions.

Fencing will be followed, naturally, by the improvement of the roadway and car parking, creation of new and (critically) accessible pegs, disabled-friendly toilets and (subject to the necessary consents), stock ponds, and a club house/office.

Our goal, ultimately, is to create a uniquely angler-centred complex that combines the convenience of a ‘commercial’ with the atmosphere and aesthetic of a mature, estate-style fishery.

Unique amongst other venues in the area, Rum Bridge Fisheries will meet the diverse needs of three distinct groups of coarse anglers – specifically:

  • Specialists – targeting true-strain crucians.
  • ‘Old school’ matchmen – tired of ‘pastie carp’ bashing; preferring instead to fill their nets with bream and silvers.
  • Specimen carp hunters – targeting a new PB for the price of a day ticket.

The Back Lake – specimen carp water 

Overlooking the banks of the River Stour, and scattered with small islands, weed and reed beds, lilies and other features,  The Back Lake will appeal to specimen carp anglers, populated (as it will be) only by large mirror and common carp – the majority in excess of 20lbs, and topping out at 40lbs plus.

Accommodating a maximum of four anglers per day, The Back Lake will be available to pre-book via the website only.

The Donut Pond

As the name implies, The Donut Pond encircles a large, reed-fringed island, allowing anglers to target their own water; and a raft of features – including lillies, reed beds and tree-lined margins.

Lending itself to traditional float fishing techniques, the Donut will be stocked exclusively with tench, rudd, perch and crucian carp.

There will be no common carp. No mirror carp. No goldfish. And consequently: no hybridisation!

Just pure-bred crucians.

The Donut Pond will be available on a pay-on-arrival day ticket basis only.

The Top Lake

Circumscribed by weeping willows and silver birch, and feature-packed with scattered, wooded islands, reed beds and lillies, The Top Lake is the quintessential mixed fishery.

Stocked with bream, roach, rudd, tench, perch, pike – and no carp! – it’s the right choice for general pleasure anglers. And for old-school match anglers, too, who will appreciate the convenient, well-spaced swims; and the opportunity to ‘bag-up’ whilst fishing light – with feeder and waggler tactics.

Accordingly, The Top Lake will be available on pay-on-arrival day ticket basis, and / or for regular club matches.

Although it is unlikely that Rum Bridge Fisheries will be up and running until next spring (2019), our aim is to have The Top Lake open to day ticket anglers by the start of the new season (June 16th, 2019).

But we have our work cut-out – as you can see when you view the latest pics in our Gallery.

Nonetheless, we remain confident.

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